Our Projects
Listed below are some examples of the projects undertaken by The Nexus Network (formerly Nexus Strategic Solutions). These projects reflect the breadth and diversity of our work.
Organisational Development and Evaluation
  • The Positioning of Curtin Business School Post-Nelson (jointly with Prof. Don Smart), Executive Dean, Curtin Business School
  • Review of Business Practices and Report on the Business Realignment Process, Landgate
  • Evaluation of Child-related Proceedings Model (jointly with Mary Sankey) - a review of the model used by the Family Court in relation to decisions involving children, Family Court of WA
  • Review of the Vice-Chancellery, University of Western Australia
  • Evaluation of the School Volunteer Program, School Volunteer Program Inc.
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the Department of Education's Specialist Coaching Project, Department of Education
  • Reviews of Agencies' Compliance with the Public Sector Standards on HR Management and with Public Sector Ethical Codes, over 20 reviews conducted on behalf of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner
  • Review of Business Services, Supreme Court of Western Australia
  • Review of the Mental Health Review Board and the Council of Official Visitors, project for the WA Health Department
  • Review of the Seminar Function for Career Transition, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Development of a Code of Practice, Taxi Industry Board of Western Australia
  • Development of Disability Services Plan and Equity Plan, Department of Environment
  • Development of Strategic Plan, Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre

Strategic People Management
  • Qualitative Research into Human Resource Management, Consortium of nine government agencies coordinated by the Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Development of Strategies for the Retention of Nurses, Health Department
  • No Regrets (examination of why career public servants leave the public sector early), findings published in the Proceedings of the Edith Cowan University Women in Leadership Conference
  • The Career Aspirations of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff (a study of the career aspirations of 1400 staff of the Department of Education and Training)
  • Barriers to Women's Promotion (strategies to assist female teachers overcome any structural or attitudinal barriers to promotion in the education system), Department of Education and Training
  • Retention of Women Lawyers (investigation of factors that influence women lawyers to leave the legal profession), Law Society of Western Australia
  • Attraction and Retention Survey (job satisfaction, staff intentions and strategies for organisational improvement), Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Women in Management, Pre-retirement Options and Re-entry Arrangements for Staff, Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Workload Assessment, Review and Assistance in the Development of a New Organisational Structure, Office of Energy
  • Review of Human Resources Function, Department for Planning and Infrastructure
  • Workplace Study, Office of the Public Advocate
  • Review of Breach Claim Regulations, Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner
  • Needs Analysis and Development of a Training Plan, Rental Operations Division, Department of Housing and Works
  • Leadership and Cultural Analysis, Department of Land Administration
  • Development of a Performance Management System, Policy and Procedures, Legal Practice Board of Western Australia
  • Facilitation of Change Management, Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, the University of Western Australia and Department of Land Administration
  • Skills Audit and Analysis, Office of Aboriginal Health
  • Review of Criteria Progression Tool (recommendations were made to enhance it's capacity to attract and retain professional staff), Landgate
  • Development of Strategic and/or Business Plans for Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre, Office of Energy and Department of Housing

Research and Policy
  • Research Report - Children and Young People's Views on Wellbeing, Commissioner for Children and Young People
  • Review and Development of Policy Manuals, School Volunteer Program Inc and City of Fremantle
  • Research on Workforce Gender Segmentation, Women's Policy Development Unit
  • Compilation of Workforce Planning Information, Department of Education
(N.B. See Strategic People Management for research/policy work related to HR and Training and Coaching for policy training work)

Organisation and Job Design
  • Design of Corporate Executive Structure, Department of Education and Training
  • Preparation of a Submission Converting Positions to Specified Callings Status, Redress WA (Department for Communities)
  • Review of the Role and Responsibilities of Regional Laboratory Technicians, Department of Education and Training
  • Review of the Keeper Career Structure, Perth Zoo
  • Alignment of Positions to Salaries and Awards, Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA)
  • Job design and classification determination services for a wide range of government agencies, professions and industries ranging from Level 2 positions, Chief Executive Officers and other Senior Executive Service positions.

Recruitment and Selection
  • Recruitment and selection services for over 30 government agencies (both central and line agencies, including the Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Education and Training, and the Department of Health).
  • Executive Search and Recruitment for CEOs (Under Treasurer, Director General of Agriculture, Executive Director of the Alcohol and Drug Authority, Managing Director, South West Regional College of TAFE, and CEO of the Public Transport Authority), Office of the Public Sector Standards Commissioner
  • Development of Level 3 classroom teacher positions (development and validation of competencies and management of recruitment process), Department of Education and Training (jointly with Murdoch University)
  • Development of Procedures for the Recruitment of Fire Fighters, Fire and Rescue Service of WA

Training and Coaching
  • Delivery of Accountable and Ethical Decision Making in the Western Australian Public Sector, Department of the Environment and Conservations and Forest Products Commission
  • Development and Delivery of a Suite of Policy Workshops for Public Sector Employees, Institute of Public Administration (WA)
  • Development and Delivery of Policy Induction Workshops, Department of Water
  • Development and Co-ordination of Policy Workshops for Senior Executive Service Members, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Senior Staff, Main Roads Department and the Department of Industry and Resources.
  • Introduction to Public Sector Work courses for Indigenous employees, Conservation and Land Management
  • Development and Delivery of the Curriculum for Public Sector Employee Workshops on Application Writing and Managing Interviews, Department of the Premier and Cabinet and WA Police
  • Facilitation of Public Sector Employee Workshops on Induction and Career Development, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Design and Presentation of a Programme on Ethics and Conflict of Interest, Department of Industry and Resources
  • Design and Presentation of Disciplinary Policy Training for Supervisors and Managers, Public Transport Authority
  • Career Transition for Redeployed Staff, Department of Justice, Department of Industry and Technology and South West Area Health Service, and Design and Presentation of Program on Managing Transition, Forest Products Commission
  • Coaching and Mentoring, WA Police Service, Edith Cowan University, Perth Transport Authority, Department of Health, Department of Water, Department of Industry and Resources and Local Government CEO Support Group
  • Design and delivery of Issues Management Workshops for public sector staff, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Design and Presentation of Programme on Managing Employee Performance, Office of Energy
Nexus also provides a range of training courses available under the Department of Finance's Common Use Arrangement for Training (CUATRA2012).

Editing and Report Writing
  • A Singleness of Purpose: Women in Education, 1899 - 1999 (research and writing), Department of Education and Training
  • Private Lives, Public Business (review and editing of policy review document), Carers WA
  • Report into Programmes and Services for People with Decision-Making Disabilities in the Department of Justice in Western Australia (review and editing of policy review document), Office of the Public Advocate

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